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Hoyle - Super Me Card Game
Hoyle - Super Me Card Game

Hoyle - Super Me Card Game

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Super Me

Helping Others
Social Skills

Super Me! is an emotional intelligence game that includes elements of kid-favorites like Memory and Matching! With easy set up and taking turns matching the situation to the emergency, you can reinforce social skills like making good choices, helping others and having empathy. Super Me! is easy to learn and a fun game.

Just flip over an Emergency! card. Make a Super Me! match and be a Superhero. ANYONE can be a SUPER HERO by helping!

Players: 2 - 4

Ages: 4 and up

Play Time: 15 mins

Our Amazen! suggestion:

I really like the second level of the game which encourages children to verbalize what would they do in each of the situations and how would they help.

I think it could also be used in a group situation to allow a conversation about other ways to help. There are 24 different cards to discuss. Have Fun! Jane