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Hoyle - Monkey May I Card Game
Hoyle - Monkey May I Card Game

Hoyle - Monkey May I Card Game

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Monkey May I

Making Good Choices


Monkey May I? is an emotional intelligence game that your kids will go bananas over! With easy set up and easy play that includes elements of the kid-favorite "Simon Says". Help reinforce your children's social skills like making good choices, self awareness and self control with this entertaining and fast action game. Monkey May I? is easy to learn and a fun game.

You just will flip over an Action card, Make a good choice and collect Monkey Money. The little monkey with the most monkey money at the end wins the game!

Players: 2 - 4

Ages: 4 and up

Play Time: 15 mins

Our Amazen! recommendation:

We really liked this for encouraging quick thinking, fast reactions and gross motor skills by acting like a Monkey! 

This game can be adapted and may help to give positive encouragement to those who are anxious and self-conscious.

We had lots of fun and laughs playing this as a family and our girls loved seeing their parents act like Monkeys.  Have fun! Jane